What is the X-Anatomy™ color coding of structures?

Color coding was introduced in X-Anatomy™ version 1.1 mostly to help you quickly see, while in the scan view screen, anatomic patterns of distribution and to easily spot anatomic landmarks and dividing structures, etc. The palette of colors was selected for maximum visibility when overlaid on medical imaging scans. 

The color coding is not strict, but follows these basic guidelines:

  • RED: arteries, and veins carrying oxygenated blood
  • BLUE: veins, and arteries carrying de-oxygenated blood
  • MAGENTA: bones
  • ORANGE: muscles
  • YELLOW: landmarks, dividing structures/regions (e.g. lung fissures, neck nodal regions, etc.)
  • CYAN: typically fluid-filled (air or liquid) structures (e.g. bronchi, brain ventricles, etc)
  • BROWN: typically gastrointestinal tract and most associated organs
  • GREEN: all other organs and soft-tissue structures
  • WHITE: brain white matter
Color coding may not follow the above guidelines if substituting a color may enhance the visual pattern of distribution of the anatomic structures. 

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