What's new in X-Anatomy version 1.3?

Version 1.3 was submitted to Apple on 14 Dec 2012, and is pending approval and release:

  1.  NEW detailed anatomic notes! See screenshots. Now every muscle you select now also displays that muscle's action, origin, insertion, blood supply, innervation, etc. Now every blood vessel you select now also displays from where the blood flow is coming and to where it is going. More and more anatomic structures will be annotated with clinically-relevant summarized details, significantly improving X-Anatomy™ as a source of learning and reference! 
  2. Please rate X-Anatomy™ on the App Store. The in-app button link to rate X-Anatomy on the App Store is now fixed! Thank you for your help in rating X-Anatomy™, which is crucial to ensuring that development and improvements to X-Anatomy™ continue. Remember, if you have any questions or problems, please use the in-app access to support. 
  3.  Improvements to organization of bronchi (for those with the CT Lungs module) for more understandable display in the index 
  4.  Improvements to color coding of digestive structures based on feedback from a gastroenterologist physician. 
  5. New icon to help you identify X-Anatomy™ faster. 
  6.  Bug fixes 

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