"Advert Misleads"?

Customer Micheal Padraig wrote on Jan 27, 2013:

Advert Misleads ★: "Although this is billed as a quick and "comprehensive" CT reference it is certainly not comprehensive --- Once installed, "additional modules" are available – $9.99 each -- lung windows, female, etc. That said, the design is elegant. Unfortunately on iTunes there is no "try it before you buy it." Perhaps the authors are counting on that feature for their commercial success."

First of all, thank you for purchasing X-Anatomy. Our guiding mission is to teach what we know, and to help others to learn using formats that we wish were available to us the first time we were learning cross sectional anatomy. 

Secondly, we apologize for the confusion in the pricing structure of how we sell the app and modules. We have to work within the constraints of the App Store, and there are times that what we initially hoped to be helpful for the customer may result the perception of restrictions for the customer.

Initially, we planned to have each CT section as separate apps, released one after another as they are created, all for the same price. Then we decided to delay releasing the app and instead group  all the CT sections together for the convenience of the customer, and providing several scans for a lower price. We included scans that we thought would be helpful for anyone starting to learn CT-anatomy, and if anyone wants additional sections, than can add them to the app as needed.

We plan to eventually return to the separate app model, as well as releasing a free 1-CT section app, as well as a higher-priced app that includes all of the modules.

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact is at support@x-anatomy.com

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